About Me



My name is Adrina Vasquez and I was born in San Francisco, CA. For majority of my life, I was raised in the San Mateo suburbs, where I currently reside. Growing up the youngest of three, I was very much spoiled. Life was great. 🙂

I attended Turnbull Elementary School all the way through the fifth grade. Around this time or a little earlier before fifth grade ended, my parents separated and I was raised by my fathers’ siblings and mother. I was too young to fully understand but I moved on with life. I went on to graduate from Abbott Middle school in May 2002. Once I started high school, I got into sports (Softball and Cheerleader) and was part of the Police Cadet Program for the San Mateo Police Department. All of these activities kept me away from anything bad that would stop me from dropping out of school; not that I would have anyway. I always wanted to make my grandmother proud of me. It was my main goal. She loved me unconditionally as I did to her. Unfortunately, back in March of 2006 she passed away from complications of an open heart surgery. I felt my life shatter immediately and felt I had no direction what so ever. I ended up failing one class my senior year and a D in another class. I was told I would not graduate with my class until I completed the failed class in the summer. That is why my official high school diploma says August 2006.

Fast forward two years, and I am graduating from the United States Navy bootcamp in March 2008. All of my immediate family was able to attend my graduation in Great Lakes, Illinois. I later on went to my first command in San Diego, California. I wanted to be as close as possible to home. That was the closest I could get. I was there for three and half years and went on four deployments. My last command was in Fort Worth, Texas. I completed my contract there and was honorably discharged after six and a half years of serving this great country, The United States of America. Nevertheless, It was San Diego where I was able to do a lot of community service in different countries. I was introduced to helping out the people of Southeast Asian countries. I was thankful for the experience and since then, I have been wanting to help my local community now that I am back and settled in the Bay Area.

I look forward to being a source of help to someone that is in need of it as well as organizations. I firmly believe that I have the great tools, experience, and knowledge, thanks to NDNU, to fulfill this mission of helping others no matter what it is and who they are. Diversity is a beautiful thing and love is love. We are equal.